Saturday, 17 March 2018

9th Path

The severity of slope to the 9th path, which exits the golf course to the main car park has long been problematic for many of our members. In addition to this, during periods of heavy rainfall the path would wash out, become rutted and deposit granite dust onto the course rendering the area unsightly.
Steep incline to car park

Washout onto semi-rough
To remedy these problems the path had to be completely reconstructed. The angle and position had to be changed to allow for ease of exit through a longer, gradual slope and to be blended into the existing land.

Short, steep and unsightly

In all 100 tons of sand back fill, 20 tons of hardcore, 10 tons of hogging, 50 square meters of bod pave and 5 tons of granite dust were used on the project. The bod pave is the product we used to address the issue of washout, it is laid on the finished path and filled with granite dust, this stabilizes the surface preventing ruts and washout.

Sand backfill

Path and bank foundations

Bank turfed, hardcore and hoggin infilled. Bodpave laid

Bodpave back filled with granite dust

Completed view from car park

Completed view from 9th walk off

Completed view from 9th fairway

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