Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Approaches To Greens

Following on from the aeration, scarification and sand dressing work carried out on green approaches during spring maintenance week, slight modifications have now been made to the size and shape of these areas. All approaches were marked out, double verti-cut and mowed into their new dimensions. You will notice the slightly discolored turf in the areas which have been mowed out, this will be temporary as it is a normal reaction to turf when cut shorter, these areas will blend in with the surrounding area within good time.
The maintenance work that is being carried out on approaches will not only improve sward quality creating a seamless transition from fairway to green but will also enable a greater shot variety into and around our greens.

                  The pictures below are just some of the adjustments that have been made.
Right hand side of 2nd approach
Right hand side of 3rd approach
Left hand side of 6th approach and surround
Right hand side of 8th approach
Left hand side of 13th approach
Left and right hand side of 16th approach