Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Transplanting Pine Trees

We recently took the decision to transplant a few small pine trees which were planted a number of years ago on the left side of the fifth hole. As the trees have matured they have grown too close together to such an extent that they now compromise one another. We also felt that the trees could have a greater strategic impact within the hole if they were pulled back and spaced out so players who have hit left off the tee now have a more obstructed path towards the green. 
Using a 16 tonne excavator we first dug out the soil from the areas where the trees were being replanted. As the soil in the area is of a very sandy nature we added a nutrient rich, moisture holding material to give the trees the best chance of surviving the process. We then turned the excavator bucket around and gently scooped up the root ball beneath the tree and placed each tree in the freshly dug holes. 

The trees only have a moderate chance of surviving this process but the only alternative to this course of action was to cut them down completely. Hopefully with regular watering and a slice of luck they will establish successfully in their new location.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Stunning Vista

Overgrown blackthorn bushes behind the 4th green have been drastically cut back recently. Over the years these plants had grown ever taller and closer to the green to such an extent that the spectacular views down towards La Pulente and beyond to Corbiere had long since disappeared.

During the process two granite outcrops were uncovered that add extra interest to the area. In future the blackthorn will be maintained at its present height and the exposed soil will be managed to encourage rough grasses.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

5th Green Bunkering - Pt 9 - Right Hand Side

Following the successful refurbishment of the three bunkers on the left side of the green it became clear that the two bunkers on the right would require the same treatment.

As usual, work started with an on-site discussion between some of the course team to establish our goals for the project. In this instance it was apparent that we needed to improve the ease of access into the first of the two bunkers. We also hoped to improve the visibility of the bunkers from the fairway but we realised that the contouring and flow of the bunkers and immediate surrounding areas could not be compromised along the way. We finally settled on improving player access and ensuring that the two new bunkers significantly improved the standard of presentation that is possible for the area. We agreed that making sure the new bunkers were consistent with the rest of the bunkers and green complex was fundamental to the success of the project.