Monday, 8 October 2012

Maintenance Week Update

All scheduled tasks were completed successfully during the recent maintenance week. Hollow coring, scarification, seeding and top dressing took place on each of the putting surfaces. A significant amount of organic matter has been removed from the greens, helping to improve air and water movement through the soil profile and also improve ball bounce characteristics and surface firmness.
50 tonnes of sand top dressing has been applied to the greens to fill the void following the aeration operations. The recent rain has been of real benefit in helping wash the top dressing into the base of the sward. A further 20 tonnes of material will be applied over the next few days. 
Greens mowing frequency has been relaxed slightly to help the grass in the greens recover from the rather intensive operations. Weather conditions will determine just how quickly full recovery takes but I would expect around another fortnight at least.