Monday, 13 May 2013

Hole 7 Irrigation Changes

This week we finished installing extra irrigation heads and pipework into the two areas that were previously pathways on hole 7. The pipework and cable is pulled through the ground using a mole plough. The machine required for the job is hired in for the day from a local contractor.
With the pipe and cable installed the heads are then fitted in the desired locations, ensuring and even coveage of water will be possible when complete. These high wear areas require a relatively large amount of water to give sufficient growth to recover from the stress of constant foot traffic in a relatively tight space. Rope and posts will be used regularly here to direct traffic, spreading the wear as much as possible.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Winter Work Review - 15th Bunkers

Another task completed over the winter was the refurbishment of the two bunkers next to the 15th green. Over the years we have found that the faces in these bunkers degrade quicker than average due to the high levels of play they experience coupled with the fact they're in direct sunlight for most of the day. On this occassion we decided to use a bunker liner during construction to minimise sand contamination from beneath and to help maintain a good shape in the sand on the bunker floor.

 Bunkers before

Reshaping around bunkers
Liner fitted
Finished bunkers

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Winter Work Review - 7th Hole

To improve the visual characteristices of this hole we have taken measures to dramatically reduce the footprint of artificial paths on the 7th hole. The path from the tee has been shortened by approximately 30yds. Beyond improving the look of the area, this allows the chance to extend the fairway towards the tee thus reducing the distance of the carry. As a result, we hope this makes this hole more enjoyable to play.

The path in the centre of the fairwayy leading to the green complex has been removed. The area has been completely reshaped and turf from the old 5th and 10th tees used to provide a good blend with the surrounding ground.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Greens Update

What a pleasure it has been out on the course recently with the warm sun on our backs. It feels like summer may have arrived. On the course this week we have top dressed all greens and sprayed a liquid fertiliser mix. These tasks will help to refine the quality of the putting surfaces further now that we are into the golf season proper. Soil temperatures are good and with careful water management there should be no impediment to good growth. We expect to see improved surface smoothness and consistent grass growth across the various species within the greens.

Winter Work Review - Tees

Two tee refurbs took place over the winter months. The 5th tee was extended and slightly reshaped. More space was added to the rear of the tee to provide extra spots for the white markers. This job took much longer than expected as we had to remove a fairly large quaitity of granite from beneath the surface before the new rootzone and turf could be added. We took the opportunity to replace the irrigation pipework and heads while the work was going on as this tee was not done with the rest of the system installation in 2007/8 The finished result made all the effort worthwhile.

The 10th tee also has a new surface. We levelled the existing teeing ground and slightly extended the red tee portion in order to improve this area.

The new turf on both surfaces is being maintained with longer grass than other tees while the new turf settles in. The grass length will gradually be mown shorter as the new turf matures.