Friday, 24 March 2017

Walkway Refurbishment

We are constantly trying to improve the artificial pathways on the golf course. Over the years we have tried various materials with varying results. For the first time last year, we experimented using rubber matting placed over turf. The main advantage with this approach is that paths look much more natural with a grass covering, the rubber matting prevents the grass from wearing out under the heavy wear from foot traffic and golf trollies etc. Areas on holes 3 and 8 were completed in early 2016, these performed well throughout the 2016 season so this approach is being used in a number of other locations.

The images below show the path on the exit from the 18th hole being converted from granite dust to a hard wearing grass surface.

Unsightly granite walkway from the 18th green

Granite path and worn turf stripped out

Levels re-established and graded with sandy soil

Turf re-laid around main walkway

A hard wearing turf is laid in main walkway with a rubber mat pegged on top

Walkway complete with the addition of a storm drain to ease flooding in this area

Within 3 to 5 weeks the grass blades have grown through the holes in the mat rendering it almost invisible to the eye