Thursday, 12 November 2015

Brief Update

It has now been a month since maintenance week and we are seeing recovery from the greens along with good germination after our overseeding work. With the weather remaining unseasonably warm we are still seeing a fair amount of growth so our cutting regimes are still in full operation. This adds some pressure as we move into winter and begin our construction projects for 2016. Members will notice that we have already completed some path end repairs, with these areas being roped off for the time being to protect them as they root. The turf for these areas has been stripped from the 16th tees. Members I'm sure have also noticed that work is now well underway on this construction project. The original tee was constructed with a railway sleeper wall on the left side which had become unsafe and led to the tee subsiding. To remedy this the white and yellow tees have been lowered slightly and re-positioned so that a retaining wall is no longer necessary along with the unsightly railings. We hope that members will see the benefits in 2016 with improved views, a level teeing surface and a better line of sight to the fairway. The 9th ladies tee has also been stripped and re-leveled. I hope to bring you more news of our winter work as it progresses along with some photos to show the differences.

Yesterday was a nice, dry day so the decision was made to hand cut greens for the lady captains drive in. I shot this time lapse video of the 8th green being cut to give an idea of the process, I hope you enjoy it.

In the next update I hope to include some more photos and news of our progress.