Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Verti-Draining Greens

Last week all putting surfaces received another pass with the verti-drain sub-surface aerator. This machine punches holes in the turf to a depth of up to twelve inches. The action of the machine is designed to relieve compaction and improve the movement of water through the soil profile. Surfaces that are kept drier are much less prone to disease, compaction and general sward deterioration. In the longer term the holes made with the verti-drain will provide the perfect space for the grass roots to grow into. Long grass roots are needed to help the plants withstand periods of drought in summer.

Following the aeration works, a pedestrian cylinder mower was used to roll each green smooth. Further rolling with the turf irons will take place to ensure surface disruption is minimised. The holes will take around 10 days to heal on the surface of the green but will stay open below the surface for much longer giving agronomic benefit for months to come.

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